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FEDCAS maintains the confidentiality of client information to the maximum extent permitted by law. Client information is handled within FEDCAS on a strict “need-to-know” basis. FEDCAS does not disclose client information to employers, government agencies, or other third parties, except in compliance with a subpoenia or when circumstances indicate the imminent possibility of serious physical harm to people or property or the unreported compromise of classified national security information. The only information FEDCAS normally provides to an employer of an employer-sponsored client is billing data.

Client information is securely handled and stored, and all client information, other than that retained for financial accounting purposes, is securely deleted or destroyed 90 days following the month in which a consulting engagement is completed.

FEDCAS does not provide advice or information regarding methods of circumventing or gaming security vetting procedures, nor does it provide information about investigative standards or methods beyond that which is publicly available. FEDCAS does not recommend services that are unlikely to benefit the client.

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