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Life happens and in these rapidly changing and often unstable economic times, problems can occur that might jeopardize an employee’s eligibility for security clearance, Public Trust position, or HSPD-12 credentialing. These can include finances, alcohol, drugs, misconduct, security violations, foreign involvement, and other problems. Periodic reinvestigations for all clearances are being changed to require more frequent reviews, in most cases at five year intervals. That means many clearance holders will no longer be able to avoid dealing with potentially disqualifying problems for 10 years or more as they did previously.


FEDCAS consultants are all former DOD Personnel Security Specialist with extensive investigative or adjudicative experience with the Defense Security Service or the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA). They know how to avoid the normal delays, detours, and road blocks that confront clearance applicants.

Through us, employers can make security clearance assistance services available to their cleared employees and high value employment applicants and derive the same cost-benefit returns companies’ gain from traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Clearance assistance services are a natural adjunct to EAPs for employers with cleared personnel.

We can assist a defense contractor in retaining cleared personnel who have encountered problems that may jeopardize their clearance eligibility or significantly delay the cycle time to renew or upgrade a clearance.

FEDCAS will relieve your FSO and supervisors of the time required to deal with employee clearance problems for which they may have limited experience. Employers can reduce the chance of a workflow interruption, preserve and protect their investment in a valued employee, and reduce the cost burden of security clearance processing time.

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