Clearance Assessment

Client submits a written explanation of their situation on our secure registration form. Consultant may request additional information or clarification from the client. Following a review of the submission, a 40 to 50 minute telephone consultation is conducted. The consultation will assess the client’s situation, identify the relative importance of the issues presented, and propose courses of action to deal with the issues. Estimate of costs for additional services will be provided, if needed. (Fee $180)

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Additional Services

Clearance Assessment

Evaluates a client’s situation, determines the importance of the issues presented, identifies mitigating factors, and proposes courses of action to…

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Clearance Q&A

This service provides a detailed written email response to questions about federal clearance processing, procedures, policies, and standards.

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Clearance Application Assistance

Insures applicants avoid errors and omission that could result in multi-month delays in clearance processing.

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Interim Clearance Issue Mitigation

Because the decision to grant an interim clearance is made before an investigation is completed, mitigating security issues during the application stage is critical to obtaining an interim clearance.

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Subject Interview Preparation

Clients are advised about mitigating information they should volunteer during a Subject Interview and assisted in identifying and/or preparing documents they should give to the investigator.

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