Statement of Reasons Response

When unmitigated disqualifying issues are present in a case, many agencies issue a Statement of Reasons (SOR) as part of a Letter of Intent (LOI) to deny or revoke a clearance. The Notice of Proposed Action (NOPA) is similar to an LOI, but used for preliminary unfavorable federal employment suitability determinations. Most intelligence agencies issue a “Letter of Denial” (LOD) or a “Letter of Revocation” (LOR) with an SOR, rather than an LOI. The response to an SOR or NOPA is best submitted as a sworn affidavit, and as such applicants need professional assistance in their preparation. This service will provide a detailed review of the issues and obtain from the client all relevant information surrounding the issues. In most cases portions of the clearance application form and investigative file (if available) will need to be reviewed. This service will provide the client a carefully crafted draft and final response to the SOR or NOPA in affidavit format that accurately and completely answers, refutes, explains, extenuates, and/or mitigates the issues raised in the SOR or NOPA to maximum extent possible. (Average range of charges: 12 to 24 hours)

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