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The federal clearance application and renewal processes can be tricky and time consuming. Let FEDCAS experts help you through the process whether you:

  • Are applying for a new clearance;
  • Are renewing an existing clearance;
  • Are reapplying for a clearance after previously having a clearance denied or revoked;
  • Have encountered a situation that must be reported to your security officer;
  • Have received an Request for Information (RFI), Interrogatory, Notice of Proposed Action (NOPA), Statement of Reasons (SOR), or Letter of Denial (LOD);
  • Need representation at a clearance hearing or appeal.

As former DOD Personnel Security Specialists with extensive training and experience in security clearance investigation or adjudication, they know what it takes to navigate potential issues and help you obtain the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

Fedcas Experts Can:

  • Explain federal clearance policies, procedures, and standards, and how long it takes;
  • Assess the significance of any potential security/suitability concerns;
  • Identify conditions that may mitigate the security/suitability concerns;
  • Explain ways to improve the probability of receiving an interim or final clearance;
  • Prepare a written response to an RFI, Interrogatory, NOPA, SOR, or LOD;
  • Represent a client at a hearing or personal appearance;
  • Prepare a written appeal brief.

How to begin:

  • Click on the Register Now button (Below)
  • Select “Self-Referred” or “Employer-Referred”
  • Provide your contact information
  • Select which service is preferred:
  • Provide a brief statement of your situation or questions
  • Review and acknowledge the Consulting Service Agreement
  • Go to the Checkout page to pay for the selected service

Once your registration has been received and payment has been verified, you will receive an email within one business day acknowledging your registration and proposing dates/times for the appointment (for the Clearance Assessment), or an email response to your Clearance Q&A questions within two business days.

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