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  • Federal Investigative Standards

    January 9, 2016

    In June 2008 the President issued Executive Order (EO) 13467, “Reforming Processes Related to Suitability for Government Employment, Fitness for Contractor Employees, and Eligibility Access to Classified National Security Information.” The goal of the EO was to align the three major federal personnel security programs, provide consistent standards, facilitate reciprocity,  and create a system where ... Read More >
  • OPM Investigation Price Increases

    January 9, 2016

    Over the past two years the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has increased the price of their standard investigations an average of about 48 percent. In October 2014 OPM introduced Tier 1 and Tier 2 investigations to replace the National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) and the Moderate Risk Background Investigation (MBI), respectively. ... Read More >
  • Due Process Denied — The LOJ Problem

    December 3, 2015

    In April 2014 a DOD Inspector General report (DODIG-2014-060) found that agencies were avoiding the “due process” requirement of Executive Order 12968, “Access to Classified Information,” in situations where a clearance applicant’s need for access to classified information was terminated.  The report stated: We recommend that. . . in substantiated misconduct cases personnel security clearance adjudicative actions continue, ... Read More >

A. If you have been living within your means and have not been delinquent in any debt repayment since your bankruptcy, you will probably not be disqualified based on financial considerations. Surprisingly, the Adjudicative Guidelines do not specifically address bankruptcy. A bankruptcy from two years ago is not considered a current problem. A single bankruptcy two years ago that was caused by circumstance largely beyond your control without any subsequent problems (or secondary issues that complicate matters), probably would not result in a clearance denial.

A. Probably not. Although the Adjudicative Guidelines list any drug use as a disqualifying condition; most young people are able to substantially mitigate their drug involvement. Mitigation involves a stated and demonstrated intent not to abuse any drugs in the future, dissociation from drug-using associates, changing or avoiding the environment where drugs were used, and an appropriate period of abstinence. There have been cases where a period of less than one year was adjudicated as “an appropriate period of abstinence.” The appropriate period of time is influenced by your age, frequency of use, and the number of years that you used drugs. If you are middle aged and you used drugs regularly for 10 years, an adjudicator may not feel that two years is an appropriate period of abstinence.

A. The Government has not published figures for the total cost of security clearances; however, the Office of Personnel Management publishes the cost of security clearance investigations. The vast majority of investigations and clearances are paid for by Government agencies using appropriated funds. Only a very small number of non-DOD federal contractors pay for security clearance investigations. For more information see the article on “The Real Cost of Security Clearances.”

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