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The Federal Clearance application and renewal process can be tricky and time consuming. Let FEDCAS experts help guide you through the process, and expedite a favorable outcome. Whether you are a first-time clearance applicant, an individual looking to renew your security clearance, an employer who needs to make security clearance assistance services available to cleared employees and high value employment applicants, or an NCMS member with personal security clearance questions, our consultants are here to help. As former DOD Personnel Security Specialists with extensive training and experience in security clearance investigations and/or adjudication they know what it takes to navigate potential issues and help you reach your goals as efficiently as possible.

FEDCAS provides a variety of expert consultation services to assist:

  • Clients referred to us by an employer who has retained FEDCAS to assist its employees,
  • Individuals who wish to purchase services directly from FEDCAS, and
  • Active NCMS Members.

FEDCAS Services are designed to assist:

  • First time applicants preparing an SF-86 for national Security Clearance, an SF-85P for a Public Trust position or an SF85 for HSPD-12 (CAC) certification
  • Current clearance holders who are submitting information required for a Periodic Reinvestigation
  • Clearance applicants that have received a Statement of Reasons (SOR), Written Interrogatory (WI) or Letter of Denial (LODI) which the applicant wants to appeal to the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) or other agency-specific appeals offices

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Individuals applying for a new clearance, renewing an existing clearance,  reapplying for a clearance after previously having a clearance denied or revoked, have encountered a situation that must… Learn More >

Through us, employers can make security clearance assistance services available to their cleared employees and high value employment applicants and derive the same cost-benefit returns companies’ gain from… Learn More >

Get a quick answer to your security clearance question from a FEDCAS expert. This free confidential service is available on a limited basis to NCMS members who are FSOs or Government security managers. Learn More >

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This service provides a detailed written email response to questions about federal clearance processing, procedures, policies, and standards.

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Clearance Application Assistance

Insures applicants avoid errors and omission that could result in multi-month delays in clearance processing.

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Interim Clearance Issue Mitigation

Because the decision to grant an interim clearance is made before an investigation is completed, mitigating security issues during the application stage is critical to obtaining an interim clearance.

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