Consulting Services

Clearance Assessment

Evaluates a client’s situation, determines the importance of the issues presented, identifies mitigating factors, and proposes courses of action to…

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Clearance Q&A

This service provides a detailed written email response to questions about federal clearance processing, procedures, policies, and standards.

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Clearance Application Assistance

Insures applicants avoid errors and omission that could result in multi-month delays in clearance processing.

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Interim Clearance Issue Mitigation

Because the decision to grant an interim clearance is made before an investigation is completed, mitigating security issues during the application stage is critical to obtaining an interim clearance.

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Subject Interview Preparation

Clients are advised about mitigating information they should volunteer during a Subject Interview and assisted in identifying and/or preparing documents they should give to the investigator.

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Written Interrogatory Response

The Interrogatory may be the first opportunity for an applicant to communicate directly with a clearance adjudicator. It presents a valuable opportunity to…

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Statement of Reasons Response

Knowing how to answer a SOR and what supporting documents to attach requires extensive experience and knowledge of how the Adjudicative Guidelines are applied. An inadequate SOR response…

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Hearing Preparation & Representation

Your adversary at a DOHA clearance hearing will be an experienced attorney who presents the Government’s case against you to an Administrative Judge. Only 32% of applicants who…

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Clearance Appeal Brief

Some appeals are limited to written submissions based only on factual and legal errors by a hearing judge. Others allow for a de novo review including a “Personal Appearance” before an Administrative Judge or appeal panel.

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Fee Schedule

Individual Self-Referred Clients are charged at a rate of $180 per hour for all consulting services except for the Security Clearance Q&A Service which has a fixed fee of $90, and the Security Clearance Assessment which has a fixed fee of $180. The Q&A Service and the Security Clearance Assessment are paid in advance at the time of registration and ordering. Upon completion of a Security Clearance Assessment, clients who elect to purchase additional services must pay 60% of the estimated cost at the time ordered and the balance immediately prior to delivery of the work product.

The average range of charges for services varies greatly dependent upon the complexity and number of issues present in a case. A single minor issue will require the least amount of time, one or two moderate issues will take more time, and multiple major issues will require the most time. Some complex cases involving multiple major issues may exceed the average range of charges.

Employer-Referred Clients services are billed to the sponsoring employer, or paid by the client and then reimbursed by the employer, in accordance with terms established between the employer and FEDCAS.

Employers interested in making FEDCAS services available to their employees should contact a FEDCAS Account Manager for information about pricing and payment terms.


FEDCAS is not engaged in rendering legal advice. If legal assistance is required, the services of a competent attorney specializing in security clearance law should be sought. Details regarding methods of service delivery, confidentiality, records retention and destruction, and limitations can be found at the Consulting Agreement.

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