Employer-Referred Client Registration


In most cases the email address you provide below should be a company or agency assigned email address. After you press the “Submit” button at the bottom of the registration form, your employment and eligibility will be verified. Within one business day FEDCAS will send a message to the email address you provided with additional information or instructions, if any, specifically for clients from your company/agency. No personal information that you provide to FEDCAS or any assessment of that information made by FEDCAS will be communicated to your employer or any other third party, except in the limited situations listed at paragraph 3 “Confidentiality” of the Consulting Agreement (see link to Consulting Agreement, below).

Should you choose at any time to cancel your registration/request for service, FEDCAS will promptly and securely delete the information you provided. Otherwise FEDCAS will retain your information for about three months in accordance with paragraph 4 “Records Retention and Disposal” of the Consulting Agreement. You will be able to change the email address you wish to use to communicate with FEDCAS once your eligibility has been verified.


Clients have the option of selecting a Clearance Assessment or the Clearance Q&A Service.

Clearance Assessment
The exact scope of this service is defined by the agreement between FEDCAS and your employer, but usually includes a review and critique of government clearance application form(s). It may also include a limited telephone consultation with a FEDCAS consultant. If you are submitting forms for review, you should state in the "HOW CAN WE ASSIST YOU?" text field (below) when and how you will provide the forms. Forms may be submitted as email attachments sent to info@fedcas.com or uploaded to a FEDCAS Dropbox account. If you indicate you will upload to the Dropbox account, you will be provided instructions.

Clearance Q&A Service
This service is more limited than the "Clearance Assessment." The exact scope of this service is defined by the agreement between FEDCAS and your employer, but usually involves a 30-minute telephone consultation with a FEDCAS consultant or a written reply to the questions you ask in the "HOW CAN WE ASSIST YOU?" text field (below). The service is intended to answer questions and explain clearance vetting policies, procedures, and standards.

Enter your questions for the Clearance Q&A Service or provide a brief description of any issue and concerns you may have about your clearance forms. If submitting form(s) for review, please indicate when and how the form(s) will be submitted (see "Clearance Assessment" above). Your submission is limited to about 3,000 characters / 500 words.

3000 Characters Remaining

Employer-Referred Clients must read and agree to the FEDCAS Consulting Agreement prior to submitting this registration form.