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FEDCAS is dedicated to providing federal security clearance applicants, current clearance holders, and their employers timely, efficient service delivered by government-trained, former DOD personnel security specialists with extensive investigative and/or adjudicative experience. Our key objectives are to provide our clients a thorough assessment and understanding of problems that may affect their clearance eligibility, to recommend actions to minimize potential delays in clearance processing, to assist them in preparing all needed documents, and to insure the confidentiality and security of information entrusted to us.

A. You must be sponsored by a cleared contractor or a government agency. To be sponsored you must be employed by a cleared contractor/government agency (or hired as a consultant) in a position that requires a clearance. As an exception, a candidate for employment may be sponsored for a clearance if an offer of employment has been made and the candidate has accepted the offer. Learn More »

A. Investigative processing times have increased significantly in the past few years. As of first quarter FY2019 it is taking more than 15 months for the fastest 90% of Top Secret clearances and a more than 7 months for the fastest 90% of Secret clearances. Processing of problematic cases take significantly longer.

A. The Government has not published figures for the total cost of security clearances; however, the Office of Personnel Management publishes the cost of security clearance investigations. The vast majority of investigations and clearances are paid for by Government agencies using appropriated funds. Only a very small number of non-DOD federal contractors pay for security clearance investigations. For more information see the article on The Real Cost of Security Clearances.

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Need help with a security clearance application or renewal? Request a call back and a FEDCAS advisor will contact you to discuss service options. You can also contact us by email if you would prefer.

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